You dream big.

You’re on this planet to do something that only you can do.

You’re driven to make an impact, and please know this: whether that impact is seen or unseen, it’s immensely valuable. Your life will create a positive, lasting ripple effect.

But you have a finite amount of time, and don’t like wasting it.

You know there are vital resources you need to confidently blaze your path. This starts with radiant health, both physically and financially.

You find yourself busy with so many projects and people (and sometimes some project people, am I right?). You’re propelling yourself forward, but you crave a more efficient and effective way.

I’ll be direct here.

You need a no-nonsense, get-it-done course to guide you to your goals.

Introducing Real School™, your online classroom for creating dynamic, one-of-a-kind health and business results.

Whether you’re looking to rev up your energy or take your business to the next level, Real School™ is here to help you achieve it.


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Paige Hunter PhD

I’m Paige Hunter, an integrative nutrition health coach with a PhD in international education and entrepreneurship.

I have 15 years of business experience in the health and wellness industry, and I’ve drawn on everything I’ve learned to create a line-up of practical courses that will help you save time and take action.

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